Nexia CIS is an umbrella group of Nexia International, uniting companies in Russia.

High level of services of Nexia CIS is ensured by availability of highly skilled specialists, modern technologies and a system of internal quality standards, developed on the basis of use of combined experience of Nexia International members.

Nexia CIS firms are focused on supporting local businesses and through the Nexia International network, they can help their clients confidently venture into new international markets.

Nexia International is a leading worldwide network of independent accounting firms, providing clients with national and international audit, accounting, tax and advisory services in a cohesive, personal and customised manner.   

Nexia International network was founded in 1971 by means of amalgamation of biggest audit companies of the USA and Great Britain. Foundation of the network was caused by the fact that activities of clients had overstepped the national limits, and only global network of organizations could ensure high level services for the companies, working in international markets.

The Nexia International logo symbolizes the carabineers that mountaineers use to secure themselves as they work as a team, putting their trust in each other as they climb up the mountain face.

Kevin Arnold, CEO of Nexia International, says: “The brand represents Nexia’s proposition ‘Closer to you’. It also symbolises Nexia’s strengths around the idea of relationships, its global reach and the strong connections and links which have been formed through trust between member firms and member firms with their clients”.