Audit TD

Audit TD Ltd company works in the Russian market of audit and assessment services from 1995 and unites professional auditors, highly skilled lawyers, accountants, economists, specialists and assessment and attendance of reference-legal Garant system.

Director General – Tatyana D. Derbeneva

The company has a steady place in top ten leaders in Privolzhsky Federal Region and top hundred audit companies of Russia (Rating of the Expert RA agency). According to “Unipravex” agency, “Audit TD Ltd” holds the highest ranking index.

Audit TD Ltd is a corporate member of the Institute of Professional Accountants and Auditors, Russian Board of Appraisers and Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  


+7 (8552) 46-90-00 (Naberezhnye Chelni town)
+7 (8432) 267-60-26 (Kazan city)
423806 Naberezhnye Chelni town, ZYaB settlement, Kvartal 27 street, building 2, letter box 37