Nexia has launched Nexia Day


Following the successful launch of the new brand Nexia International have been working on how the new brand proposition ‘Closer to you’ can be further embedded into the network. The new Nexia brand provided the network with an opportunity to increase consistency in how Nexia is perceived by the external market place as well as enabling the network to become more unified.

To continue the momentum of building a more unified brand, Nexia has launched Nexia Day (Closer to you). Nexia Day is a chance for us all to celebrate being part of a growing network by organising business focused activities which promote our 3 values, Enduring relationships, Business minded and Being there for clients (Globally connected), which underpin our proposition, ‘Closer to you’.

This year, Nexia Day will be on Wednesday 13 September. This is a day dedicated for member firms to explore any one of the 3 values for themselves and find the business benefit of that value through the activities they plan.

Please click on the link below to hear a message from Kevin Arnold, CEO of Nexia International who talks about Nexia Day, what Nexia International is planning and next steps for member firms.

Join the celebration!